The Cheapest Day of the Week to Buy Airline Tickets

We all want to travel, but none of us want to break the bank while doing so. We surf budget sites, and book tickets early, and deal hunt. But there's also something to be said about the day of the week you make reservations — particularly when it comes to booking flights

We've heard all types of answers as to which day of the week is the best to buy plane tickets — Tuesdays at 3 p.m., Mondays at 1 p.m. — but according to a new study by Expedia Airlines and Reporting Corporation, the magic day is actually Sunday. If you're booking more than 21 days in advance, then Sundays become even more fruitful.

The study looks at predicted travel trends for 2017, so keep in mind that Sunday is 2017 specific. For domestic travel, booking on a Friday can save you up to 11%; for travel from the U.S. to Europe you can save up to 16%, and from the U.S. to Asia you can save as much as 10%.

As for the worst day to book flights, that happens to be Fridays. "Friday earns this designation largely due to business travelers, who tend to make most of their flight purchases at the end of the week," the study says.

The study also includes a few more interesting tidbits including the fact that ticket prices around the world are dropping, and booking a hotel and a flight at the same time can be hugely beneficial (you can deep dive the whole study here).

But for now, we hope this Sunday advice saves you a bit of money — like 10%. Or 11%. Or maybe even 16%.