How to Buy Cheap Sod

Planting grass can be difficult and time-consuming, so many people opt to buy sod. Sod is more expensive than grass seed, but you can save money by knowing where to find sod at the most reasonable price.

Step 1

Use the measuring tape to determine how many square feet of sod you need; to determine square feet, multiply length x width. If you are adding sod next to already existing grass, find out what type of grass you already have so that your lawn will look uniform.


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Step 2

If you need only a little sod, it probably is most cost-effective to travel to a local garden center. The sod will cost a little more there than at a sod farm, but you will save the cost and expense of a trip to the sod farm.

Step 3

Visit a sod farm for any large purchase. Most sod farms will sell their products directly to consumers. This is the least expensive way to buy sod, because it cuts out the garden center as middleman.


Step 4

Inspect the sod before purchasing it. Look for grass that is at least 2 inches long and a consistent green shade. You want moist soil around the roots, no more than an inch of soil, and roots that are strong and firmly attached.

Step 5

Purchase a small amount more than you need, in case your measurements were a little off or any of the sod gets damaged. Be ready to install the sod immediately when you return.


Prepare your lawn ahead of time for the sod so that the sod can get put down fresh and quick.

Save delivery charges by bringing a truck to the sod farm to transport the amount of sod you're buying.