Dream Job Alert: American Girl Is Hiring a Researcher

Calling all Girls of Today, American Girl is hiring a new researcher. Yes, you heard that right, there's finally an opening for the job that nine-year-old you dreamed about.

The researcher for American Girl will be responsible for taking deep dives into days past so that the stories, which are the anchor for the AG brand, are based on factual history.

The pros of the job: You'd be researching and writing for American Girl! You'd have the chance to shape the minds of tomorrow. You'd essentially be getting paid to play pretend, albeit in a very grown-up, grounded, factual way. You even get to live in suburban Wisconsin, which is lovely.

The cons: News of the position is traveling fast, which means every Addy, Samantha, Josephina, and Kirsten will be throwing her cute little hat into the ring.

We hope that American Girl finds the right person in what's sure to be a Harry-Potter-Hogwarts-letter-level stack of applications. To the person who lands the job, we wish you luck. We look forward to your work (fingers crossed you go for something pre-twentieth-century… there have been a lot of twentieth-century dolls lately. Yes, we still regularly visit the website). Oh, and while you're at it, can you ask your bosses to stop archiving the original dolls? We're suckers for nostalgia.