The Average Cost of Advertising in a Fashion Magazine

Advertising in a fashion magazine can cost upward of $100,000.

The most-noted fashion magazines in the United States reach millions of people each month. Although subscription rates for many print magazines are falling, this circulation number is a key part of what a print media company uses to charge advertisers for print ads. Four of the top fashion magazines in the United States by circulation -- "Cosmopolitan", "Glamour", "Vogue" and "Allure" -- each charge upward of $100,000 for a full-page color ad. The average cost of a fashion magazine ad depends on several factors, including size and placement of ad and whether color is used. The average price of a full-page color ad in 2011 is more than $150,000.


Not only is "Cosmopolitan" the top-selling fashion magazine in the United States, according to The Association of Magazine Media, it is one of the Top 25 magazines overall with nearly 3 million copies sold each month in 2010. The cost of a full-color full-page ad in the magazine is $237,000. The smallest ad size available -- one-sixth of a page -- is $94,800 for color and $75,800 for black and white. The most expensive ad the magazine sells is on the second cover for $302,200 and must be full color.


"Glamour," published by Conde Nast, is another Top 25 fashion magazine with 2010 sales topping 2.3 million monthly copies. The general advertising rate for a full-color full-page ad in the magazine is $209,254. Rates are slightly reduced for retailers in limited areas and mass retailers with a large number of stores. The smallest ad on the "Glamour" rate card is one-third of a page and sells for $94,208. The most expensive ad on the rate card is for the second cover and costs $251,137.


"Vogue," one of the longstanding names in fashion and also published by Conde Nast, continues to sell more than 1.2 million copies each month and is in the Top 100 of all U.S. Magazine sales. The general advertising rate for a full-color full-page ad is $157,734. Retail and mass retail rates are slightly less. The lest expensive ad on the Vogue rate card is $70,978 for 1/3 of a page. The most expensive ad posted is for the fourth cover at $197,179.


"Allure," another Conde Nast publication, is one of the lowest-ranking fashion magazines in the Top 100 of circulation (No. 82) at 1,088,243 copies, but still has ad rates comparable to the other fashion magazines. A full-color full page ad runs $137,494. Allure advertises a one-sixth page ad as its least-expensive option at $26,542. A fourth cover ad is the most expensive in the magazine and costs $171,856 per issue.