How to Program Sales Tax Into a Casio Cash Register

Programming sales tax into a Casio cash register is a simple task.
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Collecting sales tax on consumer purchases is an essential business operation for retail businesses. As a point of sale device, a cash register can automatically add the sales tax to be charged for each transaction. You can program Casio cash registers, such as the PCR-T2100 model, to charge the correct sales tax for each transaction. Depending on the specific Casio model that you own, you may need to consult the user manual as the programming steps may vary slightly.


Step 1

Turn the cash register key to "PGM."

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Step 2

Press "3" on the numeric keypad, then press "SUBTOTAL" on the register.

Step 3

Select the tax table you want to use by pressing the corresponding numeric key. Casio registers have up to four tax tables, depending on the specific model.


Step 4

Press the "TAX PGM" button.

Step 5

Enter the sales tax rate and include the decimal point. For example, enter 7.5 for a 7.5 percent tax rate.


Step 6

Press the "CA/AMT TEND" button.


Step 7

Enter "5002" on the keypad and press the "CA/AMT TEND" button.

Step 8

Press "SUBTOTAL" to finish programming the cash register.


Information in this article applies to the Casio PCR-T2100 model. It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions or products.

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