How to Get Into My Vaultz Cash Box

The Vaultz Company manufactures several different types of locking storage devices, available for securing laptop computers, cameras, CD/DVD music, game media, tools and currency. The Vaultz Locking Cash Box features a three-digit combination lock, top removable storage shelf with dividers, provisions for a laptop security cable and exterior chrome accents. You can open the cash box for the first time using the default combination number.


Step 1

Set the combination lock dials to "000."

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Step 2

Slide the small square-shaped button to the left.

Step 3

Lift the lid to expose the top storage tray.


Step 4

Remove the plastic tab from the combination lock.

Step 5

Hold the square-shaped button to the right. Set the numbered dials to the desired combination code and release the button.


Step 6

Scramble the combination lock. With the lid open, attempt to release the lock with the new combination code to finish the process.

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