How to Set the Tax Rate on a Casio Ms-80Te Calculator

Don't forget to change the tax rate in your calculator's memory.

A number of simple calculator models are designed to make routine calculations easily. For example, the Casio Ms-80 line of calculators was designed for use at a cash register. These Casio models allow you to set tax rates, enter a currency conversion factor and record custom calculations if you so desire. While most sales these days are made electronically, some smaller stores do still calculate prices by hand, and larger ones may have a calculator on hand in case of a power outage.


The Casio Ms-80Te Calculator

This Casio model has large buttons on the number pad as well as a large 8-digit display, making it easy to read and use. The display has comma markers every three digits, making it easier for users to perceive dollar amounts and reduce mistakes. The Ms-80Te appears to be designed for use at the cash register, as the manual includes functions for tax calculations and currency conversions.

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The manual for this model can be found on ManualsLib, an online manual library. Based on online searches, this may be an older Casio model, as used ones are found for sale on eBay. Target and Office Depot both offer the MS-80B model, while Amazon offers the MS-80B as well as an MS-80S and an MS-80Tv. All of these calculators can perform the same functions, and they look similar to each other.


Setting the Tax Rate on a Casio Desktop Calculator

Most of these calculators function similarly, and setting the tax rate is fairly straightforward. Find the "SET %" button and hold it down until "SET 0" appears in the display window. Push the "TAX+" button until the display reads "TAX SET %," followed by whatever has been set as the previous tax rate.

Enter the new tax percentage you'd like to use. Enter the values as a whole number percentage: for a 7.5% tax rate, enter 7.5, not 0.075. Press "SET %" again. The new percentage is now stored in the calculator's memory.


Using the Tax Rate on the Casio MS-80Te

Once you've set the tax rate, you can use the calculator to compute taxes, price-plus-tax and price-less-tax as individual transactions. For example, if you have saved a tax rate of 7.5% and you're ringing out a customer whose purchases add up to $100, here's how to use your calculator.

Clear the calculator and enter 100 into the display. Press the "TAX+" button to calculate the price plus tax, which will read 107.50. If you press the "TAX+" button again, you'll toggle between the total price of 107.50 and the amount of tax, which is 7.50. Or if a customer is returning a purchase whose total was $150 on the receipt, you can back-calculate what amount was taxes and what was the original price. Clear the calculator and enter 150 into the display. Press the "TAX-" button to see the original price, which should read 138.75. Pressing the "TAX-" button again will show the cost of taxes, which is 11.25.


The Casio MS-80Te model display will help you keep track of what you're looking at. The display has insets that will read TAX+, TAX- or TAX in the upper left-hand corner to help you keep your calculations straight. If your tax rate changes, or if you're doing calculations for a different state, all you need to do is change the tax rate to the new number following the instructions given above.