What Is the Salary Range of a Chocolatier?

A chocolatier closely resembles a chef or cook, but specializes in the creation of deserts, particularly chocolate. There are several large companies which create and distribute chocolate and are well-known by the public. However, there are also many smaller commercial enterprises throughout the United States. Each of these companies needs a chocolatier to direct and determine how the company makes the chocolate and the ingredients that go into each flavor.

Chocolatiers often extend their vocational skills to include other deserts.


The average salary for a chocolatier in the United States is $21,000 as of July 2011, according to Simply Hired. However, this number can vary greatly based upon location, experience and company. A chocolatier who also performs duties as a head cook or chef averages a salary of $44,780 or an hourly wage of $21.53 in these same years. If a chocolatier decides to open his own business, his salary is dependent upon the profitability of the business.

Skills and Education

Generally, only a high school diploma or associate's degree is required to become a chocolatier. However, you must also study culinary arts either through a culinary education program or as an apprentice to gain greater knowledge. Becoming a chocolatier requires a knowledge of cooking appliances and equipment, the tastes of various types of food and even some chemistry.

Corporate versus Independent Employers

Employment by a corporation such as Godiva, Hershey's or See's may offer a great range of fringe benefits, but growth within the company is generally limited for a chocolatier. This means that your salary is often limited. Chocolatiers who branch out to include a working knowledge of other types of foods may eventually reach the position of head chef, even within a corporate chain of restaurants. However, a chocolatier who begins with an independent organization, such as Jacques Torres, look forward to strong growth potential and earnings.

Comparison of Salary by State

The average salary of a chocolatier varies from state to state largely due to differences in demand and living costs. For example, the average salary in New York is $27,000 per year, whereas in Kohler, Wisconsin, it is $21,000. In North Carolina, the average salary for this career is $19,000, whereas in Indiana it is $20,000. In California, the average is $24,000 per year.