How Much Does it Cost to Raise the Pitch of a Roof?

The pitch of a roof is the angle at which it is built compared to the flat foundation of the house. Rooftops can be either flat or pitched at a variety of angles. There is no common formula for pitching a roof--in most locations, homeowners can choose a pitch that works for them when remodeling or building a house from the ground up. However, owners with a flat roof may prefer to raise the pitch of their roof as well. This can help reduce the frequency of leaks and makes it much easier to deal with detritus and snow problems. The costs of this project depend on the roof specifications.



Tresses are the supports that a pitched roof uses to hold up the roof at an angle. Most attic space is created by the triangle-shaped space that the tresses create when they are installed. Tresses can be manufactured at a factory and shipped to a house, which lowers the cost of adding tresses to a flat roof. Overall costs may be as low as $1 per square foot for the tresses, allowing for 450 feet of new space for under $5,000, not including the new roofing materials.


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New Roof

Raising the pitch of a roof often requires not only tresses but new supports, new roofing and, in the end, a full replacement of the rooftop itself. According to, a typical new shingle roof can cost between $1,700 and $8,400 to have built. Do-it-yourself options are not available for raising a pitch because of the technical work involved, which will add onto the cost. Replacing the framing entirely, a common move in roof remodeling, can cost an extra $1,000 to $10,000.


Roofing Material Options

Raising the pitch of the roof creates the need for new roofing materials. The pitch will also dictate what types of materials that a homeowner can choose to use for the roof project. For instance, if the pitch is too low then the roof may not have enough support to qualify for tile or concrete shingles. If the pitch is high, these heavier materials are a better option. Shingles for a typical roof can cost between $700 and $4,000. Wood shakes can cost as much as $200 per square foot. Metal rooftops can cost $150 or higher.


Pitch Considerations

Raising the pitch of a roof does have its advantages but it may also create problems for the homeowner when it comes to cost. In general, a contractor will charge more for a highly pitched roof than a rooftop with a low slant. A steep roof is much more difficult to work on, which increases danger and causes labor to slow down. This increases installation expenses and the cost of any future repairs to the roof.