How Much Would It Cost to Install a Metal Roof on a 1000 Square Ft. Home?

A metal rooftop is no longer suitable only for barns and storage sheds. Now high-quality metal rooftops can protect residential homes as well and are very suitable in hot climates where the rooftop can reflect sunlight. However, metal rooftops are one of the most expensive options available, and homeowners must be prepared to pay extra for the materials. A 1,000 square foot home will have a relatively small rooftop, but prices will still be substantial.


Per Square Foot Costs

Per square foot costs vary, but for a typical project costs are around $4.50 in June 2011 to build a concealed fastener roof for a large home. For a basic small home with chimneys, costs may be lowered to around $2.50 per square foot, but these prices are generally very low and may be unusual. A small rooftop does not necessarily mean that costs will be lower, but it can make the installation itself easier for professionals. Because of their complexity, contractors must install metal rooftops themselves.


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Metal rooftops can vary in price considerably, based primarily on location and the complexity of the rooftop, including its angles and the number of chimneys or skylights it has. A 1,000 square foot roof had an estimate of $11,000 for installing a metal roof in Massachusetts in 2011. A simple one-story ranch house metal roof was rated between $5,100 and $22,000, depending in large part on the type of insulation and fasteners used on the project.


Type of Metal

The type of metal may be responsible for the largest differentiation in cost options, no matter the size of the rooftop. Steel roofing is the least expensive, and is responsible for the lower $10,000 price tags. In regards to corrosion-resistant metal sheets instead of metal shingles, prices jump up by several thousand dollars. Aluminum has a similar jump in costs. The most expensive copper rooftops increase the price by several thousand more dollars and can end up costing over $25,000.



Another point to consider when building a metal roof is how long it will last and how much maintenance it will need. One reason metal roofing is so expensive is because it requires little maintenance and has a very long lifespan, lasting at least 50 years. However, metal roofing may not be the best option in rainy or volatile climates. Rain against a metal roof sounds very loud, and constant changes of heat and cold will pry a metal roof from its fasteners, requiring expensive repairs.