What Is the Average Cost to Insulate an Attic?

Insulating an attic is cheapest when done at the same time as other house insulation.

When most homes are built, attics are insulated along with the rest of the house. But in some cases attics need to be insulated separately, or owners prefer to calculate the costs of attic insulation separately during a larger project. In other cases, attics are only partially insulated and key corners are left open, so insulating an attic again can lead to significant cost savings by creating a better thermal barrier.


Typical Costs

The typical cost of insulating an open attic can range between $0.50 and $2.25 per square foot of attic space. Many of these projects tend to cost around a dollar per square foot, but if the contractor has trouble reaching the attic spaces, this can add to the costs. In 2011, this amounts to between $400 and $1800 for an average attic space. The heat resistance values needed for local standards is also important. Some standards are more strict than others and may require additional inspections or more expensive insulation processes.

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If homeowners have experience in installing insulation themselves, they can install the materials in their own attics. For typical roll-out batting, the basic insulation material that will probably be the only available option for do-it-yourself homeowners amounts to 2011 costs of around $100 to $500, cutting down significantly on costs. Homeowners should be prepared to spend money on safety equipment and protective gear as well if they do not already have the proper gear to use. Homeowners may also want to pay for an assessment to target problem areas in the attic before they begin, which could cost up to a couple hundred dollars.


Full Insulation Job

If the attic is part of a larger insulation project that includes the entire house, prices are more likely to range between $2,000 and $10,000 for the entire job in 2011 conditions. This wide range occurs because of a variety of house sizes and different economical conditions from area to area. A more normal range is $2,500 to $5,500. Homeowners often can save significantly by insulating all areas of the house at the same time.



Insulation Materials

Insulation expenses also vary according to materials. The normal batting traditionally used as insulation is often figured in average costs, but many other options are available today. Foam insulation may be an attractive option, especially for homeowners with small attic spaces, but it tends to cost more, around $2 to $3.50 per square foot, costing at least several hundred dollars more than conventional insulation.



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