DMV Requirements for Temporary Tags in Missouri

Temporary Tags

The Missouri Department of Revenue reports that anyone who purchases a motor vehicle, trailer or motorcycle may also purchase temporary car permits when there are no license plates available. Temporary permits are valid for up to 30 days from the date of purchase, and drivers can only obtain one permit per vehicle. The state does not allow drivers to obtain temporary permits for junk or salvage vehicles, and you cannot obtain one after you've applied for a valid title.


Drivers can obtain a temporary permit by bringing specific documentation with them to their local Department of Revenue licensing office. The driver has to bring one of either the certificate of title, manufacturer's statement of origin (MSO), bill of sale, notice of sale or a Missouri application for title and license. Unless the driver has an MSO, the driver must also provide a safety inspection; all drivers need a current insurance identification card or proof of insurance. There is also a $7.50 permit fee, plus a $3.50 processing fee, as of 2011.


Drivers who obtain a temporary permit must place it properly in their car. The permit must appear on the inside of the lower left corner of the rear glass window of the vehicle. If the vehicle is a trailer, motorcycle or otherwise does not have a rear window, the driver has to carry the permit while the vehicle is in operation.

Getting New Plates

While you can drive your car in Missouri if you have a temporary permit, you must eventually get permanent license plates if you intend to drive it after the 30-day period. Getting new plates requires that you have the certificate of title or manufacturer's statement of origin, application for Missouri title and license, a copy of your paid personal property tax receipt, a safety inspection and emissions inspection or MSO and proof of insurance.