Armored Truck Driver Salary

Armored car drivers must be in good physical condition, since they must lift and carry heavy bags.
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An armored truck driver is a security guard tasked with protecting money or other valuables as they are transferred from one place to another. Like all security jobs, this job can be dangerous; drivers are issued guns and bulletproof vests and trained in their lawful use. Most states require drivers to be licensed as guards, to be at least 21, to pass a drug test and to have a high school diploma, a valid driver's license and a good driving history.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average hourly earnings range for all security guards is $11.57 an hour, as of May 2013. This works out to an annual salary of $24,070. Salary varies according to experience, employer and location, with larger cities generally paying more.

Differences By Location

Armored truck drivers' salaries vary by location. Generally speaking, large cities pay drivers more than smaller ones. New York, Seattle and Phoenix, Arizona hire the most armored truck drivers. As of 2014, the annual salary for armored truck drivers in New York is $29,000. By contrast, the average salary in Orlando, Florida, is $19,000.

Top Salaries

Because many armored truck drivers have training in firearms and other crime-prevention measures, they may earn more than the average security guard. The BLS lists the top ten percent of security guards as earning more than $43,150 per year, as of May 2013.

Outlook and Advancement Opportunities

The BLS projects that employment of security guards will rise by 12 percent through 2022. The BLS states that since most people don't work long as armored truck drivers, advancement potential is good for those who choose to make it a career. Drivers may go on to supervisor or security manager positions, or even open their own contract security guard agencies.