Value of My Car: How to Determine on a Specific Date

You may need to know the value of a vehicle on a specific date for sale purposes or insurance reimbursement. If you search on the specific date you need the value for, you may obtain current information from vehicle value websites, such as Kelley Blue Book. To obtain values for a specific date in the past, you may order a past value report or search old vehicle blue books at a local library.


Step 1

Call the Kelley Blue Book customer service department at 800-258-3266.

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Step 2

Select option 2 from the automated menu.

Step 3

Order a past value report from the customer service agent. As of 2011, the fee for the report is $35. Alternatively, you may ask the agent if a prior blue book edition is available for less than $35. Kelley Blue Book recommends searching for older blue books at libraries or credit unions if you desire free information.





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