How to Find the Value of My House Online (FREE)

Perhaps you are thinking of buying a house, refinancing your home, or taking out a loan or equity line of credit on your home. You don't want to deal with a real estate company yet and may be asking yourself, "Where do I find the value of my house?" The value of your home may be found online, free and without filling out any forms and without phone calls to a real estate agent.


Step 1

Find the value of your house online using Go to the House Value tab and enter your property address.

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Step 2

Read the estimate provided by Zillow, which uses recent sales in your city and neighborhood to come up with a reasonable appraisal value. Check on sales of comparable homes when you search. That way, you'll get the price range of similar houses.


Step 3

Find the value of your house using public records. Search Google to find the website of your county assessor or appraiser. Visit the website and enter your property address to find the assessed value.


Step 4

Remember that these services only give you an estimate of your house's market value.



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