How to Apply for a Trash Man Job in New Jersey

Without trash men, New Jersey would be overrun with piles of garbage.

Trash collectors perform an invaluable service in the state of New Jersey. Trash collectors take the garbage you place at the curb and transport it to a landfill or recycling center. New Jersey lets private corporations handle the state's trash disposal needs, so there is no official trash collection agency in the government. Search the private trash disposal companies in the state to find work as a trash man.


Step 1

Create a resume with your contact information, education and work experience. Trash collectors in New Jersey typically do not need an education beyond a high school diploma or GED. For management positions as a trash collector, you may need an associate's or bachelor's degree in business or management. List "lifting heavy objects" as a skill on your resume, if you are capable. You need the ability to lift trash into a truck.


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Step 2

Search for trash disposal companies in the state of New Jersey. If you want a position close to home, find the company that picks up from your area. For example, if a Waste Management Inc. truck picks up your garbage, start with Waste Management as a potential employer. Trash pickup for businesses and commercial entities may be handled by other private disposal companies.


Step 3

Navigate the website of your prospective employer and find the "Careers" section. The "Careers" section usually contains information about applying for trash disposal positions. Call the number or click the link provided by the employer for more information about job applications.


Step 4

Obtain a job application from your prospective New Jersey trash disposal employer and fill it out. The job application will ask for your personal contact information, criminal history, previous jobs, education and requested position. The application may also ask for your availability. Do not list hours that you cannot work. Submit the application to the human resources department with your resume.


Step 5

Prepare to answer a call from the trash company human resources department. Respond to interview requests immediately and attend interviews wearing business casual attire.


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