Cheap Floor Ideas for Mobile Homes

Though the foundations aren't permanent and the floor's surfaces are not as sturdy as traditional homes, mobile homes can still use many of the same flooring types as permanent single-family homes. If you are looking for cheap floor ideas for mobile homes though, you will find that some options are less expensive than others. Many of these cheaper flooring options also lend more toward a mobile home's floor surfaces.



One of the least expensive flooring types available, linoleum is also easier than many other flooring types to install. Linoleum generally comes on large rolls, and the installation process consists of rolling out enough linoleum to cover a floor's surface, cutting the linoleum down to the appropriate size for the floor and gluing the linoleum over the subfloor with adhesive. Natural linoleum contains organic ingredients, so selecting a linoleum floor option helps eliminate chemicals in your home.


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Vinyl Tiles

Less heavy than ceramic or porcelain tiles, vinyl tiles also come at a fraction of the cost. Vinyl tiles look and install much like linoleum but generally come in tile-like squares, which gives you the option of creating your own flooring design instead of installing whatever uniform design is used to create a sheet of linoleum. Like linoleum, vinyl tiles also have water-resistant properties, making them ideal in rooms like bathrooms and kitchens.



Used widely throughout American homes, often in living rooms and bedrooms, carpet can vary in price by a wide range, depending on the fabric used to make the carpet. Nylon carpet is the most expensive carpeting option while polyester is the cheapest. Polyester carpeting generally is only a third of the price of comparable nylon carpets, so if you want a cheap option for your mobile home, look at polyester carpets first.


Laminate Flooring

Though generally not as inexpensive as linoleum and some carpets, laminate flooring is less expensive than traditional hardwood flooring. Freshome Interior Design and Architecture estimates a savings of 50 percent when installing laminate instead of hardwood. Laminate flooring is also lighter weight than hardwood flooring and usually installs using a "floating floor" method, which doesn't require you to secure the flooring to the subfloor, meaning if you want to take the laminate flooring back up, you won't leave marks behind in your mobile home's subfloor.