What Do You Need to Open a Student Bank Account?

A student is withdrawing funds from an ATM.
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Even if you don't have an extensive credit history or a lot of money to deposit, you still can open a student bank account. Many banks and credit unions offer simplified bank accounts designed specifically for students. These may include options for waiving minimum monthly payments and deposits.


Under 18 Rules

Some banks offer special checking accounts for teenagers who are under 18. However, in these cases you'll have to bring a parent or guardian with you when you sign up for the account, as you're too young to enter into a legal contract. The parent will co-own the checking account and, in some cases, may need to have his own account at the bank.

Proof of School Enrollment and Identification

All banks require proof of identification to open an account, including a Social Security number and a state ID or drivers license. Although you have to apply for an account in person at most banks, some will let you apply online. In order to qualify for the benefits of a student bank account, you'll need to prove you're currently a student. This can include proof that you're either enrolled in high school, college or even vocational school. Contact your bank for details about the type of proof required. It may include a Student ID or transcripts.


Minimum Deposit

Bank accounts require a minimum deposit in order to open the account, often ranging from $100 to $250. Bank of America, for example, requires a $250 deposit. However, currently enrolled students may be qualified to waive this minimum deposit for a student bank account, depending on the bank's terms.

Student Account Benefits

Student bank accounts come with a number of benefits. Most allow currently enrolled students to waive their monthly fee. Some accounts even extend this waiver up to a certain number of years past graduation. A student bank account may also include free checks, free bank transfers from your parents and free debit card and ATM usage.