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Mint is a free online money management software created by Intuit. As one of the top-rated personal finance programs on the Internet, over 4 million people use Mint's comprehensive services to keep track of all their accounts in one place. Features include the option to download bank account transactions to your Mint or create debt repayment charts using your current monthly budget. However, deleting transactions from your register after download is a challenge because the software does not include a visible delete option. Instead, you can choose to exclude the transaction from Mint, which erases it from your account.


Step 1

Log in to your Mint account online. Though account edits can be made using your mobile phone Mint app, you must be logged into the online interface to make this account change.

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Step 2

Locate and highlight the transaction you want to delete.


Step 3

Click the "Category" drop down list and select "Exclude from Mint." The transaction is immediately removed from your transaction list.



If there is a specific type of transaction you want to always exclude from your list, create a rule by clicking “Edit Details” then “Rules.”



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