How to Register for FNB Internet Banking

Like many other banks, FNB Bank offers its personal and business banking customers online access to checking, savings and credit card accounts. Before a customer can access his Internet banking account, he must first register with FNB by following several steps.

Step 1: Visit the FNB Bank Website

From the Services page of the FNB Bank website, click on "Online Banking and Bill Pay" and choose the "Enroll Online Banking" option. Business customers should choose the "Enroll Business Online Banking" link.


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All users must agree to FNB Bank's Electronic Disclosure Consent Statement and the Internet Banking and Bill Payment Agreement by checking the "I Agree" boxes. The consent statements act as a contract between the user and FNB, outlining the privacy policies, liabilities and terms and conditions of the account.


Step 3: Fill out the Form

The online form asks for your:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Whether you want to receive electronic or paper statements
  • All FNB Bank account numbers and types

Step 4: Choose Log-In Information

Each user creates an access ID and passcode to use to log in. The user also creates three security questions the bank will ask if the user needs to reset or find his username or password. Once you hit submit, you can access your online account using your log-in information.



The access ID must have between 5 and 20 characters and cannot be your Social Security number or account number.

The passcode must:

  • Be eight characters long
  • Have at least one numeric and one alpha character
  • Not be the same as your username



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