How to Deposit a Check

How to Deposit a Check
Depositing a check is free and easy

Depositing a check at a bank

Examine the check to make sure that it has been properly filled in. Check the date, your name, the signature of the person who gave you the check and both the numerical and spelled out amount.

Sign the back of the check. Most checks have an "Endorse Here" line clearly marked. Go to your bank.

Fill out a deposit slip. These are usually located in a central area with all of the other financial documents, but ask the bank teller if you can't locate them or if there aren't any available. Indicate whether you would like any cash back from the check or whether you'd like to deposit the entire amount into your account.

Check again to make sure that all the information on both the check and the deposit slip are correct and that they match each other. Bring both items to the bank teller to deposit the check into your account. If you have any questions or concerns, ask the teller for help.

Depositing a Check into an ATM

Drive or walk to any ATM for your bank. Insert your ATM card and enter your passcode.

Select "Deposit" from the list of options. It will offer you an envelope for your transaction, so accept it if you need it or decline if you already have your deposit prepared in an envelope. Examine any checks that you're depositing to make sure that they have been filled out correctly and that you have endorsed them on the back, then place them in the envelope.

Enter the dollar amount of the checks that you are depositing into the ATM screen. Follow the directions until you are prompted to deposit the envelope, then insert the envelope into the deposit slot. Complete the transaction and take the receipt.