What Do You Need to Get a Full Scholarship?

Full scholarships usually cover the costs of your tuition, room and board. Prestigious scholarships may also extend book and activity allowances. Private foundations and organizations typically offer annual scholarships to qualifying students. You can increase your chances of receiving a full scholarship by applying for awards that match your personal and academic background.


Maintain a high cumulative GPA to increase your chances of receiving a full scholarship. At universities where merit is required for acceptance, such as Ivy League schools, a high GPA will not set you apart from the competition. Pursuing an education at a school with lower barriers of entry can decrease the amount of competition for a full scholarship. The less competition you have for your scholarship, the better your chances of receiving aid. Full merit scholarships from private foundations and organizations generally require that students have a minimum GPA of 3.0 or higher. on a 4.0 scale. to qualify.

Personal Background

Full scholarships are sometimes student specific. Scholarship programs assess the student's personal background to determine her eligibility for the award. For example, minority scholarships present aid to students from certain ethnic backgrounds. The purpose of student-specific scholarships is to increase diversity on campus and provide greater educational opportunities to students of all backgrounds. If you are a member of an ethnic minority, have demonstrated financial need or unusual personal circumstances, include this information on your admissions application.

Well Rounded

Competitive colleges and universities look beyond academics and personal background when extending full scholarships. To qualify, leadership skills are often necessary. Students with extensive community service records or who lead groups of students or community members in a positive direction are likely candidates for prestigious scholarships. If you maintain good grades, get involved in clubs that interest you. Improve your leadership skills by tutoring students or running for student government.

Unusual Athletics

Basketball and football are not the only athletic scholarships that give students a full ride. A school's decision to give a full athletic scholarship is based on the sport it values the most. For example, if a school has a long history of winning golf championships, a student who excels in golf may receive a full scholarship offer. If you are athletic, consider applying to a school that values your ability and has a successful athletic department. Athletic departments that are successful generally have larger budgets than schools that do not focus on athletics.