Scholarships for High School Seniors Without SAT & ACT Test Scores

The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and ACT (formerly American College Testing) exist to assess a student's probability of success in higher education. If you are not planning to take either exam, you can still qualify for scholarship money. Choose scholarships targeted to students of all academic and personal backgrounds when conducting your scholarship search.


Essay Contests

Essay contests often have few restrictions on the academic backgrounds of students who apply. For example, the Three Sentence Essay Scholarship is available to high school seniors, college students and international students. Any student who can answer a question with a three-sentence essay is eligible to apply for the $1,000 scholarship offered by The funds can be used for school expenses.


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Sweepstakes Scholarships

Sweepstakes scholarships are one of the simplest types of scholarship programs. Awards are issued by random selection. Some websites limit the number of times a student can enter while others do not. For example, the Cappex "A GPA Isn't Everything" Scholarship does not restrict the number of times an applicant can enter, but the website advises students that an increased number of entries does not increase their chances of winning. Sweepstakes scholarships may be awarded directly to the winner or to a postsecondary institution, but frequently have flexible rules. For instance, the Scholarships4Moms allows winners to split $10,000 scholarship among family members as long as they are enrolled in a postsecondary institution.


Social and Community Scholarships

Foundations and organizations with a commitment to social change offer scholarships students with similar commitments. If you have demonstrated leadership and a passion for changing the lives of others, consider a community focused scholarship. For example,'s Resolve to Evolve award calls on applicants to "stop finger pointing" and provide solutions to challenges facing organizations or administrations. As of 2011, scholarship winners each receive $1,000. Selections are based on essay response. Some community scholarships require that you join the organization before applying for an award. The Royal Neighbors of America awards applicants of all ages who are both committed to community service and current members of the organization.


Extracurricular Scholarships

Many organizations support the continuation of a student's hobby or talent. The most common example is an athletic scholarship. However, you can find scholarships for duck calling and surfing. Scholarship funds are awarded to students attending any postsecondary institution as long as they have demonstrated abilities in their area. For instance, students with an interest in wildlife can enter the Bird Dog Foundation art and essay contest. As of 2011, a first-place winner receives $1,500 and a second-place winner receives $1,000. Duck calling enthusiasts can apply for the Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest for a chance to win $2,000. The Surfrider Foundation's scholarship program is available to students who have demonstrated interest in coastal environmental science or ocean conservation issues.


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