How to Get a Full Scholarship to Spelman College

Spelman College offers two different scholarship programs that offer a full scholarship to the school: the Presidential Scholarship and the Dean's Scholarship. As of January 2011, five first-year students are awarded the Presidential Scholarship each year and around 65 students get the Dean's Scholarship each year. The Dean' Scholarship award actually ranges from partial to full tuition. All students that apply to the college are automatically considered for these scholarships, which means that there is no formal application for the scholarships.


Step 1

Study and work hard on your high school work to attain the highest grade point average that you can get. The minimum GPA required to qualify for either scholarship is a 3.0, however the higher your GPA is the better your chances are of getting one of the scholarships.

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Step 2

Volunteer in your community or church while you are in school. Community service is a qualifying part of the scholarships. No set amount of time of volunteering or community service is required.


Step 3

Run for student government while you are in high school. Leadership promise is another qualifying factor for the full scholarships. If you cannot achieve a position in student government, attempt to lead a club at your school.

Step 4

Ask a community leader or someone else that you worked under to write one of your recommendation letters for the school. You are required to include a faculty recommendation, but utilizing someone that can attest to your leadership promise or community involvement can help highlight those points on your application.



Step 5

Apply to Spelman College after you have taken your American College Test or Scholastic Aptitude Test placement test. You can apply on the Spelman College website (see Resources). As of January 2011, the online application fee is $25. If you apply by paper application, the fee is $35. Your application must include your sealed high school transcript, your personal essay, your ACT or SAT scores and two letters of recommendation.

Things You'll Need

  • High school transcript

  • Standardized test scores

  • Letters of recommendation

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