What Kind of Jobs Can 10-Year-Olds Get Over the Summer?

Simple household chores are an easy way to earn a few extra dollars.

Earning money during the summer months off from school isn't as easy for 10-year-olds as might be for older kids, and the law restricts children under the age of 14 from seeking out actual employment. There are options for kids as young as 10, however, that allow them to show off how responsible they are while earning a few extra bucks.


Household Chores

Parents aren't the only people who need household chores done. A responsible 10-year-old can work for elderly people in the neighborhood who could use a little extra help. For example, kids can take out the garbage, run the vacuum and weed the garden to earn some pocket money from the neighbors. Not only does this provide young kids with an opportunity to earn cash, but it teaches responsibility and a sense of pride as they make another's life a little easier.


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Pet Services

Busy pet owners often fret about not getting their dogs and cats enough exercise. Many 10-year-olds can handle walking the dog or playing fetch in the back yard to help Fido get some exercise. Those same busy pet owners may not have enough time to properly brush and groom their animals, which means they may be interested in grooming services, too. Many pet owners are also willing to pay young people a few extra dollars to help remove pet waste from their yards and gardens.


Lemonade Stands and Yard Sales

Lemonade stands are a classic summer job parents can easily supervise. They teach young children how to manage money, as well as how to handle the responsibility and drive required to operate a business. Organizing a summer yard sale offers the same business knowledge, while also teaching children that not only is OK to let go of things they no longer use, but that someone else may even be willing to pay for it.


Landscaping Duties

Kids can earn money by helping neighbors clean up their yards, trim the grass, weed out flower beds and plant flowers. It is not considered safe for most 10-year-olds to operate machinery like lawn mowers and electric hedge trimmers, but hands-on jobs like weeding and planting can be rewarding. Kids earn money and can take pride in the neighborhood knowing that they helped create beautiful landscapes.


Newpaper Delivery

Responsible kids can take on a newspaper route close to home. Kids can collect and wrap their newspapers from the designated point and spend the morning distributing them to their patrons. Not only do they earn money from the paper, but if they do a good job, they may even get tips from the people they distribute to.



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