How to Make Money Fast at Age 14

Doing yardwork for your neighbors is one easy way to make cash fast.

Earning extra money when you're 14 isn't always easy. In some states, such as New York and Pennsylvania, you may be able to gain employment, but many employers aren't always comfortable hiring students under the age of 16. There are other ways, beyond traditional employment, in which 14-year-olds can make money to help meet their financial wants and needs. Getting creative is an essential part of making fast money when you're young, but you also need to make sure you are safe when working with people you don't know well.


Step 1

Provide services to your neighbors, such as sidewalk shoveling, raking, lawn-mowing, weeding and car washing. Many adults lead busy lives that don't always allow them extra time to maintain their property, and may be willing to pay you to do the work for them.

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Step 2

Place an ad in the newspaper or at the local grocery store offering babysitting services. Many parents often seek responsible teens to babysit on the weekends or during the summer months, and you can make fast cash if you're willing to give up a Saturday night.


Step 3

Start a pet-sitting or dog-walking business. Pets need exercise, and often their owners don't have the extra time in their schedule to get out and walk their dog. Regularly walking dogs can earn you extra money, and as you establish yourself, your clients could recommend you to their friends and increase your business.


Step 4

Get a paper route. Teens have been distributing newspapers for decades, earning a little extra pocket money for rolling and distributing newspapers in their neighborhood. The larger your paper route, the more money you can make. One disadvantage of a paper route is that you often have to get up at an early hour to roll and distribute the papers on your route before school.


Step 5

Hold a garage sale. Chances are you have things in your bedroom, including toys and clothes, you're no longer using. Organizing and holding a garage sale on the weekend can earn you quick cash and help you get rid of things you're not using.

Step 6

Tutor other students. If you happen to excel in school, you may be able to get a job tutoring other students who need a little extra help after school.


Step 7

Provide services to the elderly in your area. There are a lot of elderly people who aren't able to get around as easily as they used to, making it difficult for them to run errands or clean their home. Running errands and offering to do basic household chores not only helps someone in need, but could earn you some extra cash.



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