How to Get a 1099R From Wells Fargo

How to Get a 1099R From Wells Fargo
Tax documents

Step 1

Log on to your Wells Fargo account for online banking. Any tax documents you are owed are available electronically. The electronic versions are also typically posted before you receive a copy in the mail.

Step 2

Go to your brokerage account summary, select Brokerage Accounts, followed by Statements & Documents.

Save a copy of the tax form to your computer.

Step 3

Select 1099R and save a copy of the tax document to your computer and/or print a copy.

Call your representative.

Step 4

Contact your Wells Fargo representative or call the Wells Fargo Investments Full Service Brokerage Accounts line at 1-800-TRADERS (1-800-872-3377) if you are unable to access your 1099R online.

Step 5

Inform the Wells Fargo representative that you have not received a copy of the 1099R and cannot access an electronic copy from your account. Request that a copy be mailed to you and confirm the mailing address on file for any necessary corrections. You will not be charged for mailing the tax document.