How to Change the Pay Date of Your Social Security Disability

Under certain circumstances, the Social Security Administration will allow beneficiaries to change their payment dates. Only beneficiaries who receive their Social Security payments on the third of the month can voluntary request to have their payment date changes. Typically, these are beneficiaries who began receiving Social Security payments before May 1997. The new payment date will be determined by the beneficiary's birth date. Once the payment date is changed from the third of the month, it cannot be changed again.


Step 1

Call the main SSA customer service number at 800-772-1213 or connect with your local SSA office (see Resources section) by phone, mail or in person.

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Step 2

Request to have your payment date changed from the third of the month to the cycle that corresponds with your birth date. Payments by birth date are made three times a month. The SSA will check your eligibility and if approved, will send or give you the SSA-795 form to be signed and returned.


Step 3

Verify the SSA-795 form for accuracy and sign. All beneficiaries must sign an individual copy of the form.


Step 4

Return the signed form to the SSA within 15 days of receipt. The SSA will let you know if the request has been processed or denied.



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