Bowflex Payment Options

Bowflex Home Gyms are personal fitness systems that allow you to exercise in your own home. Depending on the Bowflex Home Gyms model you select, you can perform between 30 and 100 or more gym-quality exercises. Paying for your Bowflex may require financing and planning. The benefits you may reap from your purchase include money saved on gym memberships and improved personal fitness.


Bowflex Financing

The official Bowflex Home Gyms website offers periodic interest-free financing deals when you pay for your purchase using your Nautilus credit card. You can apply for a Nautilus credit card on the Internet or by calling the telephone number on the Bowflex website. Apply to open a Nautilus card account only if you have not applied for a significant number of credit accounts in the past few months. If you have already applied for or opened several accounts in the recent past, your credit score will go down, and your existing creditors may raise your interest rates and monthly payments on other accounts. This could eliminate the benefits of the interest-free financing plan.


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Retail Financing

Retailers that carry Bowflex Home Gyms may also offer special financing if you pay for your equipment using their store charge. For example, Sears has sales throughout the year offering interest-free financing for fitness equipment purchased with "qualifying Sears charge" accounts. If you already have a Sears charge, this option may save you from having to open a new credit account. Be sure to factor in shipping, delivery and assembly fees that are not typically included in low-interest promotions.


Regular Credit Cards

If you have a regular Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover card that offer low interest-promotions, consider using one of them to pay for your Bowflex.


Research Bowflex Home Gyms models. Choose the model that meets your specifications. Get a general idea of how much it will cost to purchase your desired model. Write out a savings plan that allows you to purchase your Bowflex in six to 12 months and include it in your weekly budget. When you have saved the amount of money you need, purchase and enjoy your Bowflex equipment knowing it is already paid for.