Different Check Styles

Sending a check in the mail is more secure than sending cash.

In our fast-moving, high technology driven world, the demand for immediate electronic payments has resulted in the check slowly becoming a thing of the past. Debit cards have speedily replaced the check and many businesses and shopkeepers are averse to accepting it as a method of payment. For those individuals who still like the idea of writing and receiving a check, these are several styles from which to choose.


Personalized Checks

Personalize your checks by selecting a picture of your pet such as a dog or cat and have your checks printed in a colored background with the pet's picture in the background. Your name and address can be printed in the upper left corner of the check and the checks can be made in duplicate with a carbon-less copy so you can retain a copy of it for your records.

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Left-sided Stubs

Checks can be created in the style of a book with perforations separating the stub from the check. You can copy the details of the check onto the stub, which is on the left portion of the check; remove the right portion of the check, which is given to the payee; and you keep the stub for your records. Your name and address can be shown on the top center part of the check. You can also insert the checks in a small plastic folding case.



Top-stub checks have the stub in the upper portion of the check, connected to the check by a row of perforations. The stub can have lines for the date and amount of the check and the name of the payee. It can also have a line for you to fill in the previous balance in your account and the amount of the check. You can then subtract the two numbers and always have an idea of the amount currently in your checking account.

Desk Set

Desk-set checks are convenient for businesses that need to process larger volumes of checks. The checks are three per page, with each check numbered consecutively and stubs -- which can contain a record of the details of the check -- are perforated for easy removal. They come in sets of 300 and are designed to fit into most office-desk drawers.


Travelers' Checks

Travelers' checks are a form of cash. They are a pre-printed, fixed amount of checks in various denominations. The person receiving the check is guaranteed payment by the bank. These checks are used mostly while traveling, are safer than walking with cash since they are numbered and the bank and the traveler both have a record of the numbers; if they are lost or stolen, the bank will replace them.


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