How to Change a New Jersey Driver's License to Pennsylvania

When you obtain a Pennsylvania driver's license, your old license is confiscated.

If you relocate to Pennsylvania from New Jersey, you are required to acquire a Pennsylvania state driver's license within 60 days of acquiring your new Pennsylvania permanent address. New residents must pay a new license fee; take a vision test; complete Form DL-180R, an Application for Pennsylvania Non-Commercial Driver's License By Out-of-State Non-CDL Driver; show their Social Security card; and prove Pennsylvania residency. If your New Jersey driver's license has been expired for six months, you must also take the state's Knowledge Test.


Step 1

Visit the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation's website to locate the nearest Driver's License Center. Click "Driver & Vehicle Services" in the left navigation column. In the right column under Online Vehicle & Driver Services, click "Find a PennDOT Location Near You." Select "Find a Driver's License Center." Scroll to the middle of that page and enter your ZIP code in section 1 to find the closest location to your home address.


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In section 2, narrow your search by clicking "New Resident Drivers License/Transfer" check box. Click "Search" at the bottom of the page.

Step 2

Bring your New Jersey driver's license, proof of your new Pennsylvania address, your Social Security card and the license fee to a Driver's License Center in your area that handles new resident driver's licenses.



Step 3

Fill out Form DL-180R and take the vision test at the Driver's License Center. If you have an expired New Jersey license, you must also take the Knowledge Test.

If you pass the required tests, you will be awarded a Pennsylvania license and your New Jersey driver's license will be confiscated.


For more information on Driver's License Centers in your area or to ask a driver's license-related question, call the Driver and Vehicle Services Customer Call Center at 800-932-4600.

If you are a motorcycle driver and need a Class M license, the fee is $33 as of October 2010.

Discounts are available for drivers older than 65.

If you are required to take the knowledge test, read the Pennsylvania Driver's Manual, which is located online at the Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicles website, or may be picked up in person at your county's Driver License Center.

Things You'll Need

  • Access to a computer or phone

  • Proof of Identity (New Jersey driver's license)

  • Proof of permanent Pennsylvania address

  • Social Security Card

  • License fee ($28 as of October 2010)


If you are moving to Pennsylvania from New Jersey but have lived in Pennsylvania in the past, you are still required to apply for the out-of-state driver's license.

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