How to Remove an Ex-Spouse From a Car Title in Pennsylvania

Obtaining a divorce requires splitting assets obtained during marriage, such as a home or an automobile. In Pennsylvania, a court order is required if you are awarded a vehicle in a divorce and want to remove your ex-spouse from the title. Since the vehicle is already registered in Pennsylvania, the only fee required is the fee for issuing a new title.


Step 1

Get the original Pennsylvania car title. Use the title to complete the form required to remove an ex-spouse's name from the title. Also, obtain a copy of the court order granting your divorce and the rights to the vehicle.

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Step 2

Visit your local Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (DOT) office. Go to the motor vehicle title department.


Step 3

Give the clerk a copy of your current Pennsylvania car title. Explain that you are removing your ex-spouse's name from the car title and have a court order.

Step 4

Complete the MV-1 form supplied by the Pennsylvania DOT. This is the "Application for Certificate of Title." This is the required form since a new title must be issued in your name.



Step 5

Provide a copy of your photo identification. Pennsylvania requires a current driver's license or photo identification card issued by the state, or a U.S. Armed Forces Common Access Card as proof of ID.

Step 6

Give the clerk your completed application, a copy of your court order or divorce decree, and a check or money order payable to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for the $22.50 title fee required. This fee was accurate as of October 2010.


Keep a copy of the title application for your records.


If you have not received your title within six weeks, contact the DOT.

Things You'll Need

  • Title

  • Court order

  • MV-1 application

  • Check or money order

  • Photo identification

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