How to Change a Driver's License Address

Most states require that you change your address on your driver's license within 10 days of an in-state move. The department of motor vehicles in your state likely offers numerous methods for reporting the change.

Reporting Methods

Methods for reporting a change of address will vary by state, but most DMVs allow a driver's license address to be changed online. The form requires that you fill in your driver's license number along with personal information such as your name, Social Security number, date of birth, old address and new address. Double-check that you entered all information correctly before hitting the submit button. Many DMVs also accept address changes over the telephone, in person and through the mail. Check with your local DMV for specific policies.


Some states, including New York, allow you to send the DMV an email as a change of address notification.


In certain states, there might be restrictions on the way you can report a change of address. California, for example, will not let an address be changed online if you do not have either a Social Security number, a California driver's license or a state-issued identification card, or if your address is outside of the United States. Also in California, you must visit a DMV office in person to change an address if you have a learner's permit, provisional license, commercial driver's license with an out-of-state residence, or army or fleet post office address.


Call your state DMV if you fall into a restrictive category but do not live in close proximity to a field office. An alternative solution, such as assisting you over the telephone, may be offered on an individual basis.

Duplicate License

In some states you will be mailed a paper copy of your license with the new address. The paper serves to confirm that your address was indeed changed. Attach the paper copy to your original license with a paper clip. Alternatively, you can order a duplicate license, which will have your new address printed on the license rather than on a piece of paper. Most DMVs charge a fee for the duplicate license.