How to Get a Class B Passenger Endorsement in California

To operate certain kinds of passenger vehicles in the state of California, you must obtain a Class B passenger endorsement from the California Department of Motor Vehicles. There are two varieties of Class B requirements: commercial and noncommercial. The requirements for the commercial version are more stringent. Class B drivers can operate single vehicles that have a gross vehicle weight rating of 26,001 or more pounds (including buses and some farm vehicles) or any vehicle towing another similar one not over 10,000 pounds.


Step 1

Get a medical exam and have the physician fill out DMV Form 546A, the Physician's Health Report. This is a basic medical screening that ensures applicants do not have any disabilities or conditions that would adversely affect their ability to safely drive a passenger vehicle, such as color-blindness

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Step 2

Fill out a driver's license application, or DMV Form DL 44. You will also need to pay an application fee of $66, as of time of publication.

Step 3

Take and pass the Class B law examination. You can take this regularly scheduled exam at a California DMV facility near you. There is a fee of $31 to take this test, as of time of publication. You can make an appointment by telephone to sit for the exam.


Step 4

Take and pass the driver's skill test and road test, which you can also undergo at any field DMV office. You must pass the road test prior to receiving a Class B endorsement.

Step 5

Fill out a DMV Form 44C, which is equivalent to a commercial driver's license. You must have this license to get a commercial Class B endorsement. If you are employed as a driver, your employer must also provide you with a Certificate of Driving Skill, or DL 170 ETP.

Things You'll Need

  • Medical exam

  • Class C law examination

  • $66 application fee for general Class B license (as of publication)

  • $31 application fee for law examination (as of publication)

  • Form DL 170 ETP, Certificate of Driving Skill

  • Form 546A, Physician's Health Report

  • Form DV 44, Driver's License Application

  • Form DV 44C, Class C License Application


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