How to Sign an Assignment of Title by a Registered Owner

When you're ready to sell a car, sign the Assignment of Title by Registered Owner to get the buyer on his way to transferring the title into his name. Most states require the Assignment of Title -- which can be found on the back of your personal title -- as proof that the sale is legitimate. Signing the Assignment of Title by Registered Owner should take mere minutes. Once it's gone, your vehicle is as good as registered to someone else.


Step 1

Flip over your car title to find the Assignment of Title by Owner.

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Step 2

Print your name, the date you're selling the vehicle and the price of the sale.

Step 3

Fill in the odometer reading, if necessary. In Tennessee, for example, an odometer reading is only required on vehicles newer than 10 years.


Step 4

Sign your name as the seller, where indicated.

Step 5

Give the form to the buyer. She should fill out her name and address and then sign as the buyer.


Bring the Assignment of Title by Registered Owner to the office that issues new motor vehicle titles. In Virginia, for example, it's the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles.