How to Notarize a Grant Deed

Notarizing a Grant Deed

A grant deed is a document used to transfer title from one entity to another. The law requires that it must be notarized to be valid and enforceable. Only individuals who have a current notary public license may notarize a grant deed.


The Notary Process

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Step 1

Fill in the signer's information in the notary journal by writing in the signer's name, address, phone number and government-issued photo identification number. You must also include the date shown on the grant deed as well as the date the document is being signed.


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Step 2

Request that the person sign his full name in the notary journal.

Step 3

Obtain the signer's thumbprint by putting it on the line next to the signature in the notary journal.

Step 4

Fill in the acknowledgement section of the grant deed, which asks for the date the document is signed, the full name of the signer and the notary's full name and county in which the notary is licensed. Then sign on the notary signature line.


Step 5

Stamp the document with the notary stamp in the space indicated on the grant deed.


Since a grant deed conveys title to real property, the notary must be reasonably convinced that the person signing the document is of sound mental capacity. Also, a current government-issued picture identification card must be presented by the signer to the notary. A notary should make a copy of the picture identification for his records.


A grant deed must be completed in its entirety before a notary is permitted to affix his signature and notary seal. The signer must also sign the deed in the presence of the notary. It cannot be pre-signed prior to the notarization.

Things You'll Need

  • Notary journal

  • Notary seal



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