Cheap Ways to Decorate a Frameless Bathroom Wall Mirror

Add wood molding around the edges of your mirror to make it look like it's framed.

Frameless mirrors are common in bathrooms because they are less expensive than framed mirrors. Create your own frame or border for your bathroom mirror that complements your decorating style and the colors or theme in the bathroom. Decorating your frameless bathroom mirror doesn't have to cost a lot of money, take up a lot of time or be a hassle if you choose a simple, inexpensive method that fits your lifestyle and crafting abilities.



Use acrylic craft paint to paint designs or a border directly onto the mirror. Simple scrolling patterns, flowers, geometric shapes or any pattern that you like can be painted around the edges of the mirror to serve as a border. Use stencils if you aren't comfortable painting free-hand. As of August 2010, you can buy an entire acrylic paint set with multiple colors, stencils and small paint brushes for less than $20. Another option is to paint the border directly onto the wall around the mirror. Use the theme or colors from your towels, shower curtain and other accessories as inspiration. For example, paint a blue wavy pattern or anchors if your bathroom is decorated in a nautical theme or a series of yellow ducks for a rubber duck-themed bathroom.


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Use small hooks or glue to pin silk flowers and greenery, such as ivy, around the mirror. Drape a piece of ivy or garland from the top center of the mirror down to the sides and glue a few silk blooms or entwine silk flowers in with the garland. Tie ribbons around the center and corners if you desire. Silk flowers and vines can be purchased for less than a few dollars, depending on the quality and quantity you choose to purchase.



Stick vinyl peel-and-stick adhesives or regular stickers around the mirror in a playful pattern for a child's bathroom or use elegant images for a more formal bathroom. Stickers can by scraped or cleaned off of the glass when you want to update or change your bathroom decor. Peel-and-stick vinyl adhesives can easily be placed and removed whenever you desire. A sheet of stickers can range from less than a dollar up to however much you are comfortable spending on adhesive decals.



Create your own border by gluing small tiles, buttons, seashells, beads, pebbles or sea glass around the mirror. Make a pattern that relates to your decorating style and theme in the bathroom. For example, glue sand, seashells, sand dollars and starfish around the mirror for a beach-themed bathroom. Glue sea glass or tiles in a mosaic pattern for a retro look. This project can be as cheap as the cost of a small tube of glue if you use items you have around the house.



Use wood trim or molding to frame the mirror. Choose a wood that complements your cabinets or paint the trim to match or complement your walls. The wood can be glued directly to the wall or clipped into place with small brackets or clips. Choose simple wood trim or a fancy molding, depending on your decorating style. As of August 2010, wood molding can cost $25 or more per square foot. The amount the project will cost will depend on the size of your mirror and the type of molding your choose to use.