How to Add More Menthol to a Cigarette

You can add menthol to a cigarette.

You can customize your menthol cigarette by squeezing the filter of a "crush" cigarette, spraying a light menthol mist or pouring a few drops of menthol liquid on a pre-made menthol or regular tobacco cigarette. Or, you can make your own cigarettes with menthol cigarette tubes and filters and add menthol to the raw tobacco and cigarette papers. You can use one or a combination of methods to add menthol to a cigarette. Experiment to get your desired taste.


Step 1

Grasp a pre-made menthol or regular tobacco cigarette in one hand or lay it horizontally on a clean, dry surface. Open a bottle of menthol mist and spray it evenly on the paper of the unfiltered section of the cigarette. Allow a minute for the mist to seep in. Light your cigarette and evaluate the flavor. If you desire more menthol taste, repeat the process until satisfied. Or, draw a few drops of menthol oil into a medicine dropper and release the oil on your cigarette the same way as the mist.


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Step 2

Purchase a bag of menthol tobacco. Pour the tobacco into a cigarette rolling machine. Spray menthol mist or add drops of menthol oil to the tobacco to taste. Allow a few minutes for drying, then slip the cigarette paper in the machine and roll the cigarette. Light up and test the flavor. If you want added taste, spray or apply the menthol flavor to the cigarette papers.


Step 3

Purchase a cigarette injection machine, menthol tobacco and menthol-flavored cigarette tubes. Pour the tobacco into the machine slot and tamp. Place the unfiltered end of your cigarette tube on the machine nozzle. Inject the tobacco into the tube. The menthol-flavored tobacco and tubes may provide enough menthol taste for your liking. But, if you want more flavor, repeat the process, adding menthol mist or oil to the tobacco before you inject it into the tube.



Step 4

Crush the menthol bubble in the filter of a cigarette such as "Camel Crush." These smokes contain a small menthol ball or bubble in the filter. Before crushing they taste like a nonmentholated cigarette. When you crush them, you get a strong, smooth menthol taste. (See Resources.)


Menthol mist and oil are available at drug stores and tobacco shops, or online.

Things You'll Need

  • Menthol mist

  • Menthol oil

  • Menthol tobacco

  • Cigarette rolling papers

  • Menthol cigarette tubes

  • Cigarette rolling machine

  • Cigarette injection machine

  • Pack of Camel Crush cigarettes


Menthol can irritate sensitive skin.

Check your state tobacco laws before ordering cigarette tobacco online.

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