How to Design Your Own Debit Card

It's not hard to create a check card with your favorite photo as the background.

With so many banks offering customers the chance to personalize their debit cards, there's no reason to have the same check card that everyone else has. Add a favorite family photo, the logo of your alma mater, or even your own art. In just a few steps, you'll have a card that will not only catch others' eyes, but will serve as an expression of your personal taste.


Setting Up Your Account

Step 1

Sign up for an account with a bank that allows you to create a custom check card. Some institutions that do this include Wells Fargo, Regions, BBVA Compass, Chesapeake and United Community Bank.

Step 2

Confirm your account and transfer money into it. Many banks do not allow for customized cards until the account is active.

Step 3

Check the image guidelines for your bank card. These vary widely based on the bank, and different institutions require different pixel dimensions and file sizes.


Select and Edit Your Image

Step 1

Choose the picture you'd like to transfer onto the card.

Step 2

Find the desired picture in your computer's file manager. If the file is too large or does not fit within your bank's image constraints, open it with your photo editing software.

Step 3

Adjust your image size according to your photo editing software's instructions.


Step 4

Save the image according to your bank's guidelines. The most commonly accepted file type is .JPEG, although some banks also take .TIFF, .GIF, .PNG or .BMP formats.

Step 5

Check your file size. If the file is too large for your bank's image guidelines, save the photo as a new file and adjust the quality downward until it's the size you want.

Step 6

Upload your image to the card.


Choose a bold photo with strong lines and colors for your card. Because the image will be sharing space with your name and account number, the nuances of a detailed photo may not come through.


Most banks will not allow the use of copyrighted characters, political symbols or symbols perceived to be inflammatory or offensive. Check your bank's guidelines for details.

When altering your photo for your debit card, be sure to save it as a separate file so that you are able to keep an original copy.

Things You'll Need

  • Bank account

  • Image

  • Photo editing software


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