How to Get a Credit Card Without Your Mother's Maiden Name

To apply for a credit card, you will need to provide the credit card company with some personal information when you fill out an application. If a credit card company asks you for your mother's maiden name, there is a way to avoid this. Once your application is complete, you may be approved instantly, while some card issuers take more time. If your information is incomplete, the credit card company will request more from you prior to approval.


Step 1

Apply for a credit card. Many people apply online for credit cards. Find the website for the credit card company where you want to apply. Fill out the application including your name, address, Social Security number, date of birth, place of employment, personal references and phone numbers for home and work.


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Step 2

Add a password in place of your mother's maiden name. The Federal Trade Commission website advises that you ask the credit card company if you may use a password instead of your mother's maiden name, which is easily available. If given permission to do this, insert the password in the space on the application designated for your mother's maiden name. Remember what the password is. If you call the credit card company to speak with a representative about your account, you will be asked for this information as account verification.



Step 3

Wait for your credit application to be approved. The credit card company will notify you when your credit card account is ready to be used. Activate your card following the instructions that come with it. Write your password down for safe keeping.


Using a password protects you from identity theft from a family member. A family member will know your mother's maiden name and can use it to gain access to your account.



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