How to Create a Virtual Debit Card With ICICI Bank

Attach your virtual debit card to existing ICICI accounts through online banking.

Virtual debit cards provide additional security when shopping online. You receive a Visa debit card number with a three-digit security code linked to an existing bank account. When the card is used, funds are deducted immediately from your account. The debit number is valid for online shopping and expires after a designated period of time or a set number of purchases. Create your virtual debit card with the Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India, also known as ICICI bank, quickly and easily utilizing online banking features.


Step 1

Enter your Internet banking user identification and log-in password to access your ICICI online banking menu. Receive these items as two separate mailings in seven to 10 business days when your account is opened at ICICI bank.

Step 2

Click the option in your online banking that assists you in creating a virtual debit card.

Step 3

Enter card options. Indicate how much money and how many transactions are permitted on the card. Funds are debited immediately from your checking, savings or credit card account with ICICI bank.


Step 4

Receive your 16-digit Visa debit number and three-digit security code for immediate online use. Your virtual card expires after making your indicated number of purchases or after one to two business days.


There is no additional charge to use the virtual debit feature. Purchases made on your virtual debit card appear on your main bank statement. Your virtual-debit purchase limit can never be higher than the amount of credit you have available in your bank account. Unused funds are credited back to your account.


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