How to Add Money Onto a Debit Card

Because payments made on debit cards deduct money from a linked checking or savings account, the user must have a way to replenish the money in the account. The exact process for adding money to a debit card varies depending on the card's provider, but most providers allow users to add money online, at a bank branch and over the phone.

How to Add Money Onto a Debit Card
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Make a Deposit

Making a deposit into your checking or savings account is an easy way to add money to a debit card. You can deposit money using an ATM, mobile device or tablet or via direct deposit. Depending on the provider and the method of deposit you choose, the funds might be available to you within minutes, though some deposits can take 24 to 48 hours.

Use an ATM

Most debit cards provide ATM access with a Personal Identification Number. To add money at an ATM, place the card in the ATM, enter your PIN number and choose the deposit option. Place the cash or checks you want to deposit into the ATM.

Mobile Deposits

Some card providers let you make deposits through their mobile apps. For example, Chase's online banking service allows you to take a picture of a check with your smartphone or tablet, upload it through the mobile app and deposit the check into your account.

Direct Deposit

If you receive a paycheck or other form of income, you can opt to have that amount directly deposited into your account and available on your debit card. The process is generally the same for all banks. To set up direct deposit through Citizen's Bank, for example, you need to provide your employer or source of income with your bank's routing number, your account number and the bank's address. Some employers also require you to provide a voided check.

Transfer Money

Another option for adding money to your debit card is transferring the money from another account via an online transfer. Accounts you can transfer money from include another account you own with the same provider, another one of your outside accounts and another person's account.

If you have an online account with your provider, log into that account, choose the "transfer money" option and enter the information of the account the money is coming from. If the money is from an account with the same provider, the accounts will already be linked. To transfer from an outside account, you'll need the outside bank's routing number and the outside account number.