How to Send Money From Nepal to the USA

To send money from Nepal to friends and family in the United States, you can use any of the money transferring companies, such as MoneyGram, Western Union, and Prabhu Money Transfer. MoneyGram and Western Union are U.S. based international companies while Prabhu Money Transfer is a Nepal based company that works just like the other two companies.


Step 1

Select a company from the ones provided in Resources below.

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Step 2

Visit the website of the company you choose.

Step 3

Click on "Find Us"/"Locate Agent" and enter your location to find the nearest agent location in Nepal. Write down the address.


Step 4

Visit the company's office and take along the money to be transferred and some sort of personal identification, like an ID card or a passport. Also, take along the fee for the service.


Step 5

Fill out the sending form at the agent's office. The agent will then give you a "Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN)"/"Reference Number."


Step 6

Give this MTCN/Reference number to your friend in the United States as he will need it when he goes to pick up money from the nearest company agent location.


You can determine the fee by going to the company’s website and clicking on “Calculate.” The calculation page will ask you for the country you are transferring from and to (Nepal/USA) and the amount you are sending. You can note down the estimated fee and compare it with other companies.

MoneyGram and Western Union have thousands of agent locations all over Nepal but Prabhu Money Transfer has only one office in Katmandu and one in New York. This means that for transferring money through this company, you will have to go all the way to Katmandu no matter which city you live in. Similarly, the recipient can only receive funds by going to New York.

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