How to Find the Date a House Has Sold

Find the date a house was sold quickly.

Whenever a house is sold, the date is recorded in a number of places. This information is available to the public in a variety of forums and is easily accessible if you know where to look.


Step 1

Visit your County Clerk's Office. The Clerk's Office stores copies of all property records for your county and this information is readily available to the public. Proceed to the Records Office. Get permission from the records officer to perform a search for a specific house. Your specific County Clerk's office may archive the information on a computer, microfilm or physical records. Someone may be assigned to walk you through the search method. Search through the relevant platform until you find the house. All of the information related to the house will be listed in the file, including the date the house was sold.


Step 2

Contact a real estate agent and request the date a house was sold. The agent will have access to information that is not available to the public. The realtor can search for the house on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) website or a private database and pull up the information regarding when the house was sold. If the house is not yet listed, they can also get the information from their contacts in the industry.

Step 3

Open your browser and go to, or Any of these websites has detailed information regarding property sales, including dates of sale. For example, on the homepage, you can type in a house address in the search bar and click "GO." On the subsequent page, click the "details" text on the bottom of the pop up window. This will bring up the details page, which lists the date the house was last sold on the left of the screen.


Step 4

Check your local newspaper. Most local newspapers list homes that were recently sold. This is a good option if you are sure a house was recently sold but you do not know the exact date. Look in the real estate or business section for listings. The listing usually contains the price of the property, the date it was sold and the new owner.


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