How to Find Out if a Home is in Foreclosure

How to Find Out if a Home is in Foreclosure
Find Out if a Home is in Forclosure

To find out if a home is in foreclosure, ask the owner if his or her house is in foreclosure. If the owner says yes, ask if there is a sale date yet. The foreclosure process time period varies depending on the state. To find out your state's estimate foreclosure time-frame, go to Select the state from the drop-down box.

If it's not possible to ask the owner if the home is in foreclosure or you want to be certain of the home's foreclosure status, go to the county website where the home is located. Notice of Defaults are public information. Everyone has a right to access this information. Search the county's website until you find public information for homes in foreclosure. You can also call the county. Depending on the county, you may have to go down to the county court house in person for information about foreclosure properties.

Another way to find out if a home is in foreclosure is to research past local newspapers online or at the local public library for foreclosure public notices. Keep in mind that many people get their payments caught up and may be in foreclosure for while, but get beyond their financial issues and save their homes from foreclosure.

Go to to find homes in foreclosure. has listings of homes in foreclosure for many areas; however, there are fees for the service ranging from $50 and higher per month. Keep in mind that their information may be not be available for a few days or more after the foreclosure process has started.

If you know a title company representative, a mortgage broker, or a realtor, you can get information about homes in foreclosure. You may be able to get a copy of the Notice of Default or Notice to Sell too. Most real estate professionals have easy access to foreclosure information through their title representatives.