How to Use an American Express Gift Card Online

Plastic isn't just for charging. Gift cards offered by credit card companies are accepted by many stores.

Gift certificates and store gift cards have been around for some time. But, what was a gift-giver to do if they weren't sure where the recipient would shop? Enter the credit card as a gift card.

American Express is just one of several companies offering a credit card gift card. The advantage of using this type of gift card is that it can be accepted at many merchants, including some online merchants.

Step 1

Find the website from which you would like to make a purchase.

Step 2

Check the site's Help or FAQ section to see which major credit cards are accepted. If the site accepts regular American Express cards, then your gift card will be honored.

Step 3

Select the items you would like and add them to your shopping cart or shopping bag.

Step 4

Follow the website's directions regarding the checkout process through to the payment portion.

Step 5

Select "American Express" at the checkout and enter your card number. Be sure to enter the security code if prompted.

Step 6

Complete the transaction and take note of your confirmation number. You will need this number if a problem with your order arises.

Things You'll Need

  • American Express gift card

  • Computer

  • Internet connection


Always check to see that the site you are using is secure. You can make this determination by looking for a padlock icon at the bottom right of your browser or for looking for "https" to start the site's URL.