How to Send a Check or Money Order

When you finish, place your envelope in a mail box.

In a world dominated by the Internet and credit cards, it's not really that surprising that some people are unsure of how to send a check or money order. However, there are times when you simply cannot use a credit card to pay for something and must write a check or money order and send it off to someone. Fortunately, it's not very hard to do.

Filling out a check or a money order

Step 1

On both checks and money orders, you should fill in the complete name of the person or company you are paying in the "Pay to the order of" line.

Step 2

On checks, you will need to fill in the amount you are paying in words in the "In the amount of" line. You should write it out in actual words for the whole number, however the fractions (i.e. pennies) should be written in numbers. So for example, if you are writing $103.53, it would look like this:

One Hundred and Three dollars and ----------------------------------53/100.

Money orders will have this filled in for you.

Step 3

On a check, you should also write the amount in numbers in the section provided for that, by writing the whole dollar amounts and then the pennies in fraction form (i.e. $103 53/100). Money orders have this filled in for you.

Step 4

Sign your check on the line that says signature. This is usually not needed for a money order.

Step 5

On both checks and money orders, write your account number in the memo or for section if you are paying a bill (i.e. if you are paying the electric bill, put down the electric account number). If you are paying a person, write a word or two saying what it's for (so for example if you are sending a check to your grandson for his birthday, you might write Happy 10th Birthday Billy).

Send your check or money order

Step 1

Place the check or money order inside of an envelope. If paying a bill, be sure to include the bottom part of the bill with the check or money order. These are usually perforated to be easily torn off.

Step 2

Write the name and address of the person or company you are sending the check or money order to on the back of the envelope in the center. Be sure to include the zip code. For example, if you were sending it to your grandson, it might look something like this:

Billy Smith 1234 Any St. New York, NY 10001

If sending to a company, just replace the name of the person with the name of the company.

Step 3

In the upper left hand side of the back of your envelope, write your own name and complete address (usually in smaller letters).

Step 4

On the upper right hand corner, place a first class postage stamp.

Step 5

Seal the envelope and place it inside a USPS mail box.


You can usually get a money order from the post office if you need one.


Be sure not to buy money orders just anywhere. There are problems with some money orders being faked.

Things You'll Need

  • A check or money order

  • An envelope

  • A first class postage stamp

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