How to Check Food Stamp Benefits

Check Your Food Benefit Balance Before Making Purchases

Electronic Balance Transfer (EBT) debit cards have replaced the paper vouchers that represented the dollar amounts that food stamps beneficiaries were allowed to spend on food products. Now EBT cards provide the government with a more efficient way to transfer benefit amounts to each account holder. The balances are kept in individual accounts, and the debit card is then used to pay and approve purchases based on the remaining balance in that account. You can check your food stamp benefits balance in many ways.


Step 1

Look at the bottom of your grocery receipt. Most stores will provide the balance of your EBT account underneath your purchase total on your receipt.

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Step 2

Call the number on the back of your food stamp/EBT card. You will then be required to enter in the account number on the front of your EBT card and PIN (personal identification number) number, and an automated system will give you your food benefit balance.


Step 3

Swipe your card through an ATM machine. Since the EBT card functions as a bank card, you can usually check the balance at any ATM machine. You will be required to enter in your PIN number. There is no fee for checking your balance, and it will not deplete your food benefit balance.


Step 4

Check your balance online by entering your account and PIN number at JP Morgan's EBT card web page, or at which is run by the federal government. Your remaining food stamp balance will be displayed.



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