How to Find Recent Land Sale Prices

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If you are interested in purchasing land or selling some land you may want to check on recent land sale prices. This will help you to know what the current market value of land is in the area that you are interested in purchasing or selling land. If you prefer to do things in person, you can research recent land sale prices by visiting your local county government Register of Deeds office. Otherwise, you can research land sale prices from the comfort of home using the Zillow website. While Zillow focuses on home prices, it does also include land prices in its database of recent sales.


Step 1

Visit your local county Register of Deeds office to research recent land prices. When you arrive, ask to do a search for recent land sale prices. Be sure to have some specific land parcels in mind for your search, such as land that you know has recently sold. Some Register of Deeds offices have a website where you can do the search online.


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Step 2

Use the Zillow website to research recent land sale prices. When you get to the site, enter in an address, or at least a city, in the site's search box to look for recent sales. Click on the "Go" button by the search box to bring up the search results.

Step 3

Refine your search results by filtering it to only show land. Zillow specializes in homes, but also has land. Look on the left side of the screen under "Refine Search" and make sure there is only a check mark by "Recently Sold." Look down to the "Home Type" heading and make sure there is only a check mark by "Lots/Land."



Step 4

Set your search period by using the drop down menu by "Sold in Last" to make a selection. You can search up to the past 36 months in sales. As you make these selections your search results automatically update for you.

Step 5

Click on any of the results that you are interested in to see more information.



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