How to Buy Wilderness Land Cheap

The majority of the United States is still wilderness land. Some may consider wilderness land to be anything outside of a major metropolis. However, true wilderness land is undeveloped and remote. Land is considered undeveloped if it lacks utilities such as electricity, water, sewer and occasionally roads. Because it is remote, wilderness land can be purchased at prices that are inexpensive when compared with land prices within short distances of medium and major cities.


Step 1

Determine your budget. While wilderness land is inexpensive in comparison with real estate that is developed, it often comes in larger parcels–tens or hundreds of acres instead of less than one acre.

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Step 2

Search in the region you want to buy land. Use Internet searches, websites that specialize in rural real estate, real estate agents and newspaper classified advertisements to find suitable properties.


Step 3

Visit the land you want to purchase so that you know what you are buying. The terrain can vary significantly and it is best to survey it for yourself if you want to buy ranch, forest, lakefront or other specific land.


Step 4

Use a reputable real estate agent to buy the wilderness property so all paperwork is handled correctly and all real estate laws are followed. This is particularly important when purchasing land in other states as the real estate and property transfer laws can vary.


Owning land in the wilderness is not just a purchase, but rather a lifestyle. Whether the land is for hunting, building a ranch or an investment, wilderness land presents challenges for the owner. Land ownership brings new expenses such as property taxes and the need to improve the land for habitation. While wilderness land can be found in most states, it is more likely going to be found in the western half of the United States.

Things You'll Need

  • Money

  • Internet access

  • Newspaper subscription

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